Nancy Jacobson: The far right and the far left are tearing America apart…


I am glad that I am not the only American who is tired of the polarization and continuous fighting between the far right and the far left. It is a vicious cycle that must stop.

On March 1-2, 2017 I will be in Washington DC to participate in the “No Labels Problem Solvers Conference.” More than 1,000 other citizens from all 50 states are expected to attend.

I agree with Ms. Jacobson’s statement.  I, too, am worried that America’s Democratic Republic is under threat. Her statement, released today to members of No Labels, continues:

“Somehow, citizens need to help our leaders understand that the endless attacks and anger are a dead end for America. We have real problems that need to be fixed. Roads are crumbling. The tax code makes no sense. People are worried Medicare and Social Security won’t be here for this generation and generations to come. These problems will only get solved one way: by leaders of both parties willing to come to the table and get to ‘yes,’ and to reject the extremists who only know how to say ‘no.’ “

The citizen leaders from across the country will be marching through the halls of Congress to demand that our leaders “stop fighting and start fixing.”  (Twitter: #FixNotFight). Some No Labels members will also be meeting with their individual representatives on March 2 to introduce themselves and seek support for the Problem Solvers Caucus.

“As impossible as it may sound, some of these members are actually listening,” Jacobson wrote. “Recently, 40 members of Congress—with equal numbers of Democrats and Republicans—have formed a Problem Solvers Caucus—that is trying to forge bipartisan solutions on challenges like tax reform and infrastructure.”

 To continue the momentum, No Labels is seeking citizens to join its movement. Additional information is available on the No Labels web site. (

We don’t need to agree on every area in order to work together on areas where we do agree. I would encourage anyone who is able to rise above partisanship to work on areas of common ground to join the movement. It is time to break out of our separate echo chambers and do what’s best for America!

~Frances Davis, Echoing Higher


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