In the cacophony of voices within polarized echo chambers, certain narratives and ideas are lost. People of all persuasions swat away potential practical, non-partisan solutions to problems affecting us all in favor of personal attacks on their “enemies.” It is easier and simpler to blame another person or group than to see the complicated truth. Public discourse sunk to a dismaying and exhausting low during the 2016 Presidential campaign, and improvement may be years away. This site seeks to rise to a higher level where we can thoughtfully examine current, historical and emerging issues in a non-partisan way. We will look for areas of common ground where we can safely take a walk together for a while in the open spaces. We will not be afraid to play “devil’s advocate,” or to question old assumptions. When we talk, we will try to echo higher!

Send proposed contributions for consideration to echoinghigher@gmail.com. Approved contributions will give the author byline credit. All rights revert to the original authors.

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