Whether hard right or hard left, placing our country above hardline ideology will save us from ourselves

Resist quote

People of good conscience and reason must rise up to stop the pendulum swing from hard right obstruction to hard left resistance. The pendulum will continue to swing until the fabric of our country and our Democratic Republic is ripped to shreds.

Good people and good ideas reside on both sides of the political spectrum. We can disagree without attacking each other as people. Don’t get caught up in the human dimension of vengeance and pay back. Work to understand other political points of view. We need a give and take relationship. We can find a way to communicate and join forces to find Win-Win solutions and compromises that take into account those on the other side. We have done it before; we can do it again!  #FixNotFight

America must protect its bipartisan vital national interests


Harvard professor and Pulitzer prize winner Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., understood that American has “certain unalterable interests that no government can abandon.” Whether a Republican, Democrat, or nationalist is in the White House, we must continue bipartisan foreign policy initiatives. Unilateral “America First” policies may put America last, and create global unrest.